windows and skylights

Lighten up your home, making it more refreshing than ever.

Windows & Skylights

Adding skylights or replacing windows might be the perfect solution for adding value and style to your current home. A well-designed skylight doesn't just add value or looks, but can even help with energy savings and health benefits. 

Repairing a window instead of replacing one is always an option, as well. Depending on the situation, replacing a window may be the correct action if it's damaged, warped, or has a broken window sash or frame. The window may still be operable, but they can develop problems. 

If your home just needs a makeover, this can be the perfect time to get new windows installed. Not only will it help change the look of your house, but it can also help with energy savings as well. Drafty windows can cause your energy bill to be 10% - 20% higher; this is according to If you might be selling your home in the future, this can be a great selling point as well.