Climbing a Ladder

The major protector from natural causes.


Replacing an old roof on your house can do several things. This can add curb appeal and help increase the value of your home. This is especially important if you intend on selling your house. The first impression is always important when trying to sell your home. A new roof can play a critical role in protecting your property, it can also make or break how the rest of your home is perceived. This can put you above the other properties around you that are for sale.

Water spots on your ceiling are a quick give away that you have a leak in your roof. Although, it can be a lot harder to determine where exactly the leak is coming from. Once water is inside your attack, it can travel through the rafters or other surfaces which can make it difficult to find where the water actually entered. It could be from your singles being at fault, missing flashing around your chimney or other entry points that you can't see. A leak can often start out very small and over time cause big damages if a warning sign has been missed.

Although roofs are designed to withstand natural elements, there are times that storms are more intense that others. Wind-blown shingles are things to look for when seeing if your roof has damage. You could have missing shingles or horizontal lines in your shingles, in which your roof would need to be inspected by a professional.

Hail damage is something that we are all familiar with. Usually, you will know if your area was hit with a hail storm. Hail will typically bruise a shingle, causing an indent that might be hard to see but it can crack a shingle causing water to leak through over time. If you were hit with hail in your area recently, it's important that you get your roof looked at immediately before any damages can occur, if there aren't damages already.

Designing a new home? What better time to pick out exactly what you want your roof to look like. Make sure that you choose what you want and the quality is top of the line. This is going to protect your property and of course, you want it to look great forever!